Pros And Cons Transparent Led Screens


Led video screens have become an integral part of our life. We can see the led video screens everywhere and they have become the prime tool of marketing or communication. Not only businesses but even the local authorities use led video screens for awareness and mass communication. The led video screens seem to be the innovative solution when it comes to marketing or information sharing. With the pace they have overcome all the other outdoor or indoor marketing tools; it seems that they only have advantages, not any disadvantages. But all is not ideal when it comes to led video screens, there are also some disadvantages of them. The led video screens are important and it is difficult that now we can see their replacement shortly because with each passing day there has been advancement in their technology. The led video screens were thick and heavy in the past, with opaque structure but now there has been transparent led screens too. The transparent led screen has become popular in very little time and comparison, of the conventional led video screen, they are now getting in use more. Usually, the transparent led screens are counted as more beneficial but it also has some disadvantages, but those disadvantages are just a few in comparison of the advantages.


  • The transparent led screens are practical for the shop windows, where the transparency allow people to look through the screen. The transparent led screens display the videos but also help to allow the view behind the screen. In this way, the person is getting two different views because of the transparent led screen
  • The transparent led screen not only help to communicate the message but also enhances the aesthetic of the area, where it is installed. It is an eye-catcher and people can’t ignore it and due to bright light and colours, it makes the wall or window more appealing
  • Once installed, you only have to upload the videos of your choice and make a playback sequence, that will be displayed on the screen. You don’t have to spend money on posters, banners or other marketing material. Now the led video screen can handle all types of communication and marketing needs


  • It is not cheap. With time, there has been a price reduction but still it significant amount needs to be invested for the installation of the transparent led screen. In the start, you will feel the burden to spend money on the installation of the transparent led screen but in long run, this investment makes it worth while
  • The other problem can be after installation maintenance cost. Usually, there is no frequent maintenance but it will need periodic maintenance and that will be done by a professional, so it may cost you a considerable high. In case of damaged and repair, it can be a huge expense.